Headlines from Mexico

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1. Mexico’s Congress passed an anti-corruption law that will give new powers to the Federal Audit Office and the Ministry of Public Administration. It will also create a special court to oversee corruption-related cases.

Read More: El Universal, La Jornada

2. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is planning to spend US$550 million on a tire plant in Mexico. The plant will begin its operations in 2017 and they will primarily serve the domestic market. This announcement comes after Toyota, Ford and Volkwagon announced their expansion plans in Mexico.

Read More: El Universal

3. The Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) has recognized that poverty levels among Mexicans are similar to the poverty levels in 1992 (based on data from 2012);despite the establishment of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs during this period such as Oportunidades and Prospera.

Read More: La Jornada

4. The Ministry of Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong announced the appointment of Roberto Campa as the Undersecretary of Human Rights.

Read More: La Jornada, Excelsior, Milenio

5. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein has been invited to visit the country.

Read More: El Universal

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