Headlines from Mexico

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The presidents of the PRI, PAN and PRD agreed to publish the information and qualifications of each of their candidates. This information will be published by the INE in an effort to allow citizens to make an informed vote.

Read More: El Universal

The Commissioner General of the Federal Police, Enrique Galindo announced that a plan has been established with the Electoral National Institute (INE) to ensure that elections are carried out in Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Read More: Milenio

The Committee on Commerce in Iztapalapa blocked the roadways to call attention to the growing insecurity in the area that has affected their businesses.

Read More: El Universal

The filming of the James Bond movie prevented the family members of the 49 students to reach the Zócalo. In discussions with the government, it was agreed upon that the Zocalo would be one of the sites where a planned march would take place.

Read More: El Universal

Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Barack Obama reaffirmed their commitment to address global climate change and continue developing new sources of renewable energy.

Read More: El Sol de México

One of the Beltran Leyva leaders known as “El Charly” was captured in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey by Mexican Marines.

Read More: Milenio

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