Headlines from Mexico

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1. Carmen Aristegui is consulting with her team of lawyers to put up a “good fight” after she was unfairly fired from the MVS Radio Network. As she states, “This is an outrage against the freedom of expression, and there is a series of irregularities and a fully denounced situation.”

Read More: El Universal

2. Mexican Senators have requested to open the Mexican Radio Institute (Imer) and the Congress Channel to the journalist Carmen Aristegui after she was fired from the MVS. This request includes an approval for Ms. Aristegui to join Mexico Leaks.

Read More: El Universal

3. After the law proposal that would sanction the theft of hydrocarbons was approved in the Senate, President Enrique Peña Nieto is now seeking support from Congress to the get law passed.

Read More: El Universal, Excelsior

4. The new law on transparency was approved after two and half years and 14 changes to the draft of the law itself.

Read More: El Sol de México

5. Amnesty International is questioning Mexico for the fact that commanding officers in the Tlatlaya case were not held accountable for the execution of 22 people. Even after the fact that officials attempted to do a “cover-up” on the events that occurred on that day.

Read More: El Universal

6. Political violence has escalated since 2010 in Mexico City and the surrounding states. A total of 36 politicians have been killed which include mayors, councilors, aldermen, trustees and local congressional representatives and delegates. El Universal keeps a database that shows 80% of the attacks in the last decade have happened within the last five years.

Read More: El Universal

7. Sergio Espinoza Perez, otherwise known as “El Oso” was arrested on Wednesday. He is the leader of the Knights Templar Cell in Toluca. El Oso was charged for kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking in the region.

Read More: El Universal

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