Headlines from Mexico

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Felipe Calderón and Ernesto Zedillo, along with former presidents Oscar Arias from Costa Rica, Alejandro Toledo from Peru and Fernando Henrique Cardoso from Brazil all expressed their concerns on Venezuela’s deteriorating conditions in an open letter to Nicolás Maduro.

Read More: El Universal

Elections 2015: There are 9 candidates who will be seeking the gubernatorial seat in Guerrero. To learn more about the candidates please click here. Nationwide campaigns will run from March 6th through June 3rd.

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Elías Moreno Brizuela a long time member of the PRD has officially decided to leave the political party after accusing the party’s president Carlos Navarrete of betraying the principles upon which the PRD was founded. Vidal Lleneras has stated that he will also be leaving the PRD.

Read More: El Universal, Excelsior

The opposition governor of Sonora is currently being investigated after he allegedly received funds from businessmen who were connected to companies that won state contracts.

Read More: El Universal, La Jornada

President Peña Nieto’s nomination of Mexico’s Ambassador to the United States Eduardo Medina Mora for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court has raised some criticism in the nation.

Read More: El Universal, Excelsior

Senate Committee on Justice approved a new law proposal that would sentence up to 60 years of jail time for the theft of hydrocarbons.

Read More: El Universal

The leader of the Zetas Omar Treviño also known as El Z-42 was captured on Wednesday in Monterrey. This comes after last week’s capture of Servando Gómez La Tuta, leader of Los Caballeros Templarios.

Read More: Excelsior

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