Headlines from Mexico

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1. Mexico commits to drafting a “General Law on Enforced Disappearances” by June of 2015. Amnesty International has reported that between December 2006 and October 2014 there have been more than 22,000 cases of enforced disappearances in Mexico.

Read More: El Universal

2. A national convention is currently taking place in Ayotzinapa. The parents of the 43 students are asking representatives from 244 social organizations to join their movement in search of the students. Three working groups are currently taking place.

Read More: La Jornada

3. 61 human bodies were found in an abandoned crematorium in Guerrero. Currently there is an investigation taking place and formal autopsies are being performed. Testimonies state that the crematorium had been abandoned for more than seven months.

Read More: El Universal

4. An operation took place in Jalisco where 129 people were rescued from labor and sexual exploitation while working in a clothing factory. Law officials arrested four Korean nationals suspected of being the perpetrators of committing verbal and physical abuses.

Read More: El Universal

5. Investigations are currently taking place after an unmarked vehicle was stealing diesel from a PEMEX pipe. The discovery was made after an emergency call on a leak was reported.

Read More: El Sol de Mexico

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