Headlines from Mexico


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  1. Mexico’s lower house of Congress on Wednesday gave the final approval to the secondary laws of the telecoms reform.The bill has been sent to President Enrique Peña Nieto for publication. The secondary legislation on telecommunications reform was passed with 318 votes in favor and 107 abstentions. Read more from Milenio…
  2. In a surprise decision, América Móvil (AMX) – a company headed by Carlos Slim –  decided to sell part of Telcel and Telmex to reduce its national share below 50 percent. This cut means that the company will sell almost a 30% share, valued at US$20,000 million (1.3% of Mexico’s GDP). The company’s goal is to stop being “dominant operator” in terms of the Constitution and its secondary legislation, and again be able to operate freely in Mexico. The firm has presence in 26 countries and 292 million mobile customers, but in Mexico it has 35% of its sales. Read more from El País…
  3. In an interview with El Universal, Secretary of Foreign Affairs José Antonio Meade announced that the governments of Mexico and the Central American countries will form a joint response to confront the criminal groups that traffic human beings. He indicated that this anti-trafficking response will be one of the key strategies to deal with the humanitarian migrant crisis, especially in relation to unaccompanied minors. Read more from El Universal…
  4. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto launched the Frontera Sur (South Border) program to protect migrants who enter Mexico primarily from Central America. The program will have five key components: 1) creation of temporary work permits for Guatemalan and Belizean migrants, 2) improvement of the twelve border crossings and establishment of five migrants care centers, 3) improvement of the shelters and detention centers for migrants mainly to give health services, 4) increase coordination mechanisms among the countries in the region mainly in security issues, and 5) increase interagency coordination in Mexico, work that will be led by the Secretaría de Gobernación (Ministry of the Interior). Read more from Excelsior…
  5. On Tuesday, the Mexican Senate resumed the discussion on secondary energy reform legislation that was interrupted in mid-June, because both parties (PRD and PAN) left the debate.The energy reform approved in 2013 consists of 21 laws, of which fourteen will be discussed in the Senate, while the lower house of Congress will discuss the remaining seven that comprise fiscal issues. Read more from Milenio…

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