John Boehner still working on immigration reform as time runs out

immigration marchMSNBC, 5/12/14

Republicans are close to working out a plan for immigration reform, House Speaker John Boehner said Monday. Just don’t expect a vote on it anytime soon. Boehner, who has chided his caucus in recent weeks for their reluctance to pass legislation on the issue, said that many in his party were still too upset with President Obama’s performance in office to take any action at all.

“We’re at a point where my colleagues don’t trust that the president will implement the law the way we would see it passed,” Boehner said at an event hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio. “So I’ve put the ball back in the president’s court. He’s going to have to do something to demonstrate some level of trustworthiness.”

Only a handful of House Republicans have been willing to endorse a path to legal status of any kind for undocumented immigrants. Boehner and other House GOP leaders released a set of principles in January that included a legalization program, but it landed with a thud. Days later, Boehner announced that reform was on hold until relations with Obama improved. Despite all this, Boehner insisted that most of his caucus was willing to act this year. If so, they’re keeping awful quiet.

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