With Its Soda Tax, Mexico Repeats The Mistakes Of Mayor Bloomberg – Op Ed

Mexico consumes more Coca Cola per capita than any other country

Forbes, 10/10/2013

By the middle of October, if everything stays on schedule, Mexico’s legislators may well prove that they haven’t learned a thing from policies that have been tried and failed, from Denmark to New York City.

Mexico’s government is deciding whether to levy a 1-peso-per-liter tax on manufactured sugary drinks, purportedly to address Mexico’s obesity epidemic.  The tax would raise just over $900 million in annual revenue.  But experience shows: the extra revenue won’t go to reduce the obesity rate in Mexico — or anywhere else.  And, even if it did, experience also shows that the extra revenues collected won’t have the intended effects on consumer behavior – which is where the waist-line battle is won or lost.

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