Reforms in Mexico: Choose Pemex over the pact

peña-nietoThe Economist, 7/12/2013

A successful cross-party pact has broken congressional gridlock. It must not become an obstacle to reform.

Plenty of Americans must have cast a jealous eye south of the border this year and noticed that Mexico appears to have found the medicine for political gridlock. It is a cross-party alliance called the Pact for Mexico, and in the seven months since President Enrique Peña Nieto took office it has been a model of political compromise. It has made possible reforms aimed at weakening the power of entrenched interests in education, telecoms and television that Mexico has needed for decades. It has survived the violent run-up to local elections in almost half the country on July 7th, in which many candidates were intimidated and some were murdered.

Now Mr Peña may be faced with a hard choice—between the pact and reform of Mexico’s energy business. If it comes to that, he should ditch the pact.

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