Op-ed: This immigration reform bill isn’t a ‘Latino issue’, it’s an American one

flag waving 2By Michael Ramos-Lynch, The Guardian, 6/13/2013

The senate’s vote on Tuesday to debate the immigration plan pushed forward by the “Gang of Eight” is a small step in the right direction. But I’m worried it won’t pass, mainly because we can’t seem to get past the same misleading rhetoric that consistently accompanies the general conversation on immigration in this country.

As both a former high school teacher with a large number of undocumented students in my classroom and as a proud Mexican-American born in Texas whose mother was born in Mexico City, I’m fearful that this legislation will get lost in a false debate – that it will get packaged as simply a “Latino issue”. I’m nervous that Republicans who are considering supporting this legislation are mainly driven by the growing number and consequent voting power of Latinos. This isn’t a “Latino issue” or an “immigrant issue” – it’s an American one.

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