AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 12/10/12

Coffee by Flikr user samrevelEach morning, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from major Mexican dailies


The new governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco, is apparently very popular with the jet set given the unusual number of private jets that arrived on Saturday at Tuxtla Gutierrez. In fact, at the end of the president’s inauguration, it became such a bottleneck for takeoffs that some had to wait up to three hours to leave. The jet carrying the governor of Mexico City, Manual Mancero, back to Mexico City had a serious hydraulic system problem which forced the pilot to return to the airport. Mancero had a cup of tea for his nerves and waited for someone to give him a ride back to Mexico City.

El Universal

There are credible reports that radical leftist groups who committed acts of vandalism in December  have ties to Andrews Manual Lopez Obrador and are planning on registering as a new political party. Credible sources indicate that one potential theory is that the groups were ordered to perpetrate  a wave of vandalism in the capital to make Governor Mancera uncomfortable in an act of revenge  for having forged a productive alliance with President Pena Nieto. Eduardo Medina Mora is expected to be announced as ambassador to the U.S. and it is reported that the government will seek to tie his arrival to the US with President Obama’s inauguration.

La Jornada

It has been a difficult start for the relationship between the governor of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera, and the local judiciary headed by Edgar Elias Azar, and the Human Rights Commission, led by Luis Gonzalez Placencia over the issue of releasing the people accused of vandalism during the 1st of December. City government officials insisted that 69 people were caught in the act, and used evidence from surveillance cameras in the city. The judges dismissed the charges, which were not supported by the Human Rights Commission.

Nuevo Excelsoir

two recent education programs, Enciclomedia and HDT,  largely failed. We will see how President Pena Nieto’s plan to give all students a laptop fares after Secretary Emilio Chuayffet handles it. When discussing education reform, it is very easy to place blame on teachers and the SNTE in general, as if they are the only responsible ones.  While there are many problems with teachers and the SNTE has great influence, ultimately we have millions of teachers who teach every day in very difficult conditions with students who literally have nothing.  In order to reform education basic conditions must be addressed. Laptops will not be useful if student’s don’t have access to power or the internet.


The PGR and the Supreme Court know the whereabouts of the former federal judge who released all those involved in the michoacanazo. Gossips say Efrain Lopez Cazares will go away, but the PGR says there are not arrest warrants against him. The Supreme Court is waiting for Cazares to be present to challenge their dismissal.

The aircraft that crashed carrying Jenni Rivera was involved in another accident on July 1, 2005. In that incident the plane suffered substantial damage after the pilot lost control and hit a distance indicator on the side of the runway.


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