How Americans View Mexico – In One Word [Op-ed]

Op-ed, James Taylor & Mie Shannnon, National Journal, 11/20/2012

In 2008, Mexican president Felipe Calderón traveled to Washington to meet with then President-elect Barack Obama. Part of their discussion focused on the worrisome rise in anti-U.S. sentiment in Latin America, and Calderón urged his new U.S. counterpart to act quickly to address our nation’s tarnished image.

Four years later, the roles are reversed. A Mexican president-elect is slated to meet with Obama next week, and this time it is Mexico’s incoming leader Enrique Peña Nieto who is inheriting a battered international image and must act quickly to shore up his country’s brand.

Today our consulting firm Vianovo — in partnership with leading ad agency GSD&M — is releasing a new in-depth survey of U.S. attitudes toward Mexico that underscores the enormity and urgency of that challenge (see full survey toplines and charts).

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