Notes on the Supposed Death of Heriberto Lazcano [in Spanish]

Animal Politico, Alejandro Hope, 10/9/12

Alejandro Hope has a few comments on the supposed death of Heriberto Lazcano, namely: that his death remains unconfirmed, the cadaver disappeared following the firefight in which the members of the cartel were minimally armed considering their usual standards, Hope also wonders why “El Lazca” would be traveling alone anyways and says that if he was caught it certainly wasn’t because of a tip but because one of the recently-captured Zetas talked, Hope also says that the Zetas are (regardless of “El Lazca’s death) dismantled because of all the recent arrests and that this may actually increase violence in the states which they operated in, but that he hopes that the Zetas collapse will serve to dissuade other criminal groups.

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