AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 10/9/12

Each morning, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from major Mexican dailies.

La Jornada

Clase Política, “Desencuentro,”  Miguel Ángel Rivera:  Yesterday President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and president-elect Enrique Peña Nieto met for more than four hours; however, Calderón, cancelled the message he was supposed to give to the media after the meeting, one can suspect that this occurred because he did not achieve the results he was hoping for…After 14 days of strike and a convention signed with the government in Guerrero, which promised to reinforce security, public schools partially reopened.


Jorge Fernández Menéndez, “La Ardilla en el entramado Zeta:” If, as it is thought, the murder of Humberto Moriera’s son, was ordered by Miguel Ángel Treviño, Z-40, as revenge for the murder of one of his nephews and for the actions taken against his organization in Coahuila then, the detention of Salvador Alfonso Martínez Escobedo, “La Ardilla,” should cause people to fear Z-40’s fury.  La Ardilla was the Zetas main leader in their strongholds of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, and was believed to be responsible for the massacre of 72 Central American migrants and for the recent mass jail escape in Piedras Negras. Certainly, Miguel Ángel Treviño’s organization appears to have been the most punished in the war against the cartels, and Fernández Menéndez wonders how the group will react.


Trascendió:  Moving has already begun in Los Pinos, although the President’s team has yet to announce whether the Calderón family will move to their home, Las Águilas, or to a hotel in Polanco.  They are moving because the Peña Nieto’s want to modify Los Pinos in various ways before the first of December… Elba Esther Gordillo will remain in charge of ISSSTE under Enrique Peña Nieto…Wednesday, Peña’s European tour will start; his and the President’s security teams will meet before then.


Templo Mayor: The discussion of the labor reform begins today in the Senate; The most interested in not having any changes to the terms of trade unions are both union and business leaders; Yesterday President Calderon and President-elect Pena Nieto met for the fifth time since the elections, Los Pinos officials stated that the meeting was about the economy and future goals; The PRD has named Alejandra Barrales as president of the Senate Commission of Radio and Television.


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