AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 10/1/12

Each morning, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from major Mexican dailies.


Templo Mayor:  Although Ivonne Ortega ends her term as governor of Yucatán today, people think that she is not unhappy because she hopes to join Enrique Peña Nieto’s team, and apparently she would love becoming the Secretary for Tourism, her “Plan B” is apparently becoming president of the President of the PRI…Labor reform remains undecided, the Senators have t heir say today, and apparently some of them want to make changes to the proposed legislation, and members of the PRD led by Miguel Barbosa plan on making enough noise to drag on the process for hours.

El Universal

Bajo Reseva, “Líderes “charros”, intocables en reforma laboral:”  Regarding labor reform, some of the most controversial aspects, such as an hourly wage for workers, have passed the Chamber of Deputies, but other parts of the reform, such as increased labor union transparency, have not.  Bajo Reserva reports that they have heard that in the Senate, the reform will pass…Another trip is planned for Enrique Peña Nieto, the third week of October he is going to take a tour of Europe, visiting France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and England; he also plans on visiting the U.S. after the elections.

La Jornada

Clase Política, Miguel Ángel Rivera, “Reforma laboral, a tiempo:”  Labor reform has passed the Chamber of Deputies, with some reservations, for example Tomás Torres Mercado (PVEM)’s reservation regarding outsourcing which states that the government needs  to ensure that outsourcing is clear and protects workers’ rights…The Executive Director of Transparencia Mexicana, Eduardo Bohórquez, said that Governor Jorge Herrera Caldera (in Durango) has gone over and above regarding access to information, and that the State is the most transparent it’s ever been.


Jorge Fernández Menéndez, “El PRD y el cristal de Martí:” For 24 years the Mexican left, namely the PRD and its allies, have been blocking reform attempts, and it’s getting a little ridiculous and that through it they are delegitimizing their own movement, and will lose votes… Fernández Menéndez also went to a Los Tigres concert last weekend and was reminded of the popular transcendence that music can have in bringing people together when he saw Rector José Narro Robles.


Trascendio:  In September, “La Familia Michoacana” was very busy visiting the newly elected municipal president’s in Guerrero who took office this weekend.   Yesterday a video was circulated with a dramatic warning to Ignacio de Jesús Valladares, threatening to “burn” Teloloapan if they are disturbed. The journalist Adela Micha was attacked Saturday in Xalapa, Veracruz, according to the state prosecutor. It is the first case in which an action of the # YoSoy132 movement led to legal sanctions.


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