AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 9/28/12

Each morning, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from major Mexican dailies.


Templo Mayor: The distribution of Senate Committee seats provoked many arguments yesterday, not between the different political groups, but within their own party; Days pass and every time you hear more often that Rodrigo Medina is living his last few days as governor of Nuevo León.

El Universal

Bajo Reserva, “La puntilla para AMLO”: The Magistrate President of the Electoral Tribunal Federation, Alejandro Luna Ramos, stated that Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s contestation against the July 1st electoral results lacked evidence; The Ambassador of Cuba, Manuel Aguilera de la Paz will be leaving Mexico next Monday, his counterpart in Cuba Ambassador Gabriel Jiménez Remus will soon be leaving the island and making his way back to Mexico so that president-elect Peña Nieto may appoint a new ambassador; A presentation given by a foundation that is oriented to implement education with values in Mexico gave a clear message that there is an alliance between the SNTE and the church.

La Jornada

Clase Política, Miguel Ángel Rivera, “Reglamento migratorio, hoy:” Today the Migration Law will be officially published announced Secretary Poiré…While protests occurred outside, the federal deputies continued working towards labor reform, and had to take into consideration messages from Quintana Roo, Michoacán, Nayarit and the DF’s Assembly, Quintana Roo and the DF asked them to completely undo the Initiative…The Governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte, will give a speech on Sunday about security in the state, according to official numbers kidnappings have been reduced by 51%, homicides by 38% and assaults by 42%.


Jorge Fernández Menéndez, “No hubo ni pacto ni tregua:” Yesterday Z-50 (aka “El Taliban” and Iván Velázquez Caballero) was captured, according to the authorities he was one of “El Lazca’s” closest collaborators.  The structure of the Zetas is being dismantled, and the Gulf Cartel’s structure is being dismantled even faster.  Within the Zetas Miguel Ángel Treviño’s breakaway part is also apparently being dismantled more than that of “El Lazca’s” even though this recent capture should affect his side.  Because of this, Treviño’s supporters say that their rivals are working with the authorities, they offer as proof Osiel Cárdenas’s sentence of 20 years in the U.S. after turning into a witness.   Fernández Menéndez says that a deal with the authorities does seem possible, but that no one knows for sure, and that what is sure is that the capture of Z-50 should have debilitated the most solid of the three Gulf Cartel break-offs, and left “El Chapo” in an even stronger position.  However, Fernández Menéndez says, even the Sinaloa Cartel is weakened by attacks on their operatives in Colombia and by major cash hauls.  He says that all this puts Enrique Peña Nieto in a better position to start restoring security to different parts of the country, and makes his promise that there would be no government deal with the cartels much more definitive sounding, this is a promise that the current administration also made and kept, and that now their promise appears to be starting to pay off.


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