Booming economy overshadowed by Mexico’s violence

Arizona Daily Star, 9/23/12

Overshadowed by drug violence, Mexico’s emerging economy surprises many.

Forbes Magazine reports that Mexico is “the little darling of emerging market investors” and poised to become Latin American’s largest economy, surpassing Brazil…

In their report, “Mexico: A Middle Class Society, Poor No More, Developed Not Yet,” economists Luis De La Calle and Luis Rubio of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, discuss the impact of this growth.

“The implications of this change are immeasurable, and among its consequences is the appearance of a society that values stability and demands more accountability from its authorities,” they wrote. “The rise of the Mexican middle class is the most relevant development of the last decade in the country.

“Therefore, the consolidation of this sector is perhaps the most important issue on the agenda for the future.”

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