Poll/ Support for the Tribunal’s Decision [in Spanish]

Reforma, 9/9/12

The majority of Mexicans believes that the TEPJF took the correct decision in declaring the presidential valid, reveals a national telephone poll taken by Reforma.  55% believed the decision was correct and 36% believed it was not.  The majority of the people polled did not believe that the election was clean (59%) nor did they believe that it was fair (53%) and 71% believe that votes were bought during the election.  50% think that protests against the ruling are justified, and 35% of people polled said that they would consider joining the protests, but 61% of those polled said that they thought that AMLO’s call to civil disobedience would damage the democratic process.

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One thought on “Poll/ Support for the Tribunal’s Decision [in Spanish]

  1. AF

    After what we now know of the accuracy and legality of the post Mexican elections polls, do you expect us to take this report seriously? Ha! Please don’t waste your time Reforma.


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