AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 8/17/12

Each morning, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from major Mexican dailies.

El Universal

Bajo Reserva, “La Pachanga de Calderon:” The President is celebrating his fiftieth birthday at Los Pinos with some of his closest friends…The Supreme Court of Justice has fired (a little late) one of its own who is being investigated for having worked for “El Chapo”…


Jorge Fernández Menéndez, “Justicia militar o civil: un debate vacío:”  Fernández Menéndez says that when crimes are committed against fundamental human rights by the Army, these crimes should be adjudicated by civil courts, and that the government needs to set this out clearly in the law.  This is a clarity which Fernández Menéndez says does not exist.  He also says that the military is concerned that once human rights abuses start being adjudicated in civil courts, all military cases will start being adjudicated there and that the need to keep internal military courts is great and needs to clearly set out in the law.


Trascendió:  After Enrique Peña Nieto met with the PRI elected municipal presidents and PRI functionaries, more than one complained that Peña, or any of the other speakers, never discussed the assassination of Édgar Morales Pérez, who had been elected the mayor of Matehuala, San Luis Potosí…If the PAN Senators want to the presidency of the Senate for the first year, they should be pleased that José González Morfín will be the new head of the Chamber of Deputies… Emilio Gamboa (PRI), Ernesto Cordero (PAN), and Miguel Barbosa (PRD), are meeting this week to discuss the details of new legislature.


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