In Mexico-U.S. Rivalry, the Edge Heads South

The New York Times, 8/14/12

The United States has been playing Mexico in soccer since 1934 but has yet to win a game on Mexican soil. The Americans’ overall record there is 0-23-1, with Game No. 25 set for Wednesday night, when a United States team with many novices and hopefuls will take on Mexico’s national team at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City…

Last weekend, Mexico defeated Brazil to win the gold medal in men’s soccer at the London Games. Mexico has won the past two Gold Cup tournaments and will represent Concacaf at next year’s FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil, one year before that country hosts the World Cup…

“There is a gap,” the American coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, said during a telephone conference call Sunday. “It would be foolish not to recognize that. If one team doesn’t qualify for the Olympics and the other team wins the Olympics, there is a gap. On the senior level, they’ve done well over the last two years, too. You’ve got to give them compliments for that.”

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