Bloomberg seeks immigration debate

Politico, 8/14/12

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg sought Tuesday to ignite debate over  immigration among the presidential contenders, saying there was no faster or  cheaper way to fix the nation’s economic problems than by abandoning “self-defeating” immigration policies…

Bloomberg has long argued that the United States is committing economic  suicide by sending the nation’s top international students and the world’s most  promising entrepreneurs to other shores. In Chicago, he pointed to a study  released Tuesday by a partnership of U.S. mayors and business leaders that he  co-chairs, which found, among other things, that immigrants were responsible for  one out of four new businesses started last year.

“I know of no ways to help our economy as quickly and as cost-free as opening  up proper ways to people who will come here, create jobs, create businesses,  help our universities,” Bloomberg said. “Immigration is what built the country,  immigration is what kept this country going for the last 235 years and now we  seem to have walked away from it.”

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