Mexico Institute: July Highlights

The Mexico Institute, July 2012

Each month, the Mexico Institute will review and highlight the month’s activities and feature them here.

Visitors will be able to watch the recap from our most recent events, browse our new publications, and read articles that feature key media appearances of the Mexico Institute staff. We hope you will find this review useful and informative. Enjoy!


  • July 3rd: “Commentary on the Mexican Elections by Mexico Institute Staff and Colleagues

For deeper analysis and background on the July 1 elections in Mexico, we have collected selection of insights from Mexico Institute staff and colleagues on the PRI’s rise to power, the prospects for security, economic, and energy policy, the impact on U.S.-Mexico relations and the future of Mexican democracy.

Read the analysis here.

  • July 24th: “Latest Analysis of Violent Crime in Mexicoby Eric L. Olson and Gabriella Ippolito

Our good friend Alejandro Hope – of Plata o Plomo fame – has just provided his analysis of the Mexican government’s official violence data for the first half of 2012.  The data is made available by the Executive Secretariat of Mexico’s National Public Security System (Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública -SESNSP).

Read the analysis here.

  • July 25th: “Brief Update on Mexico’s July 1st Election: by Eric L. Olson and Gabriella Ippolito

On July 1st 2012 Mexicans went to the polls in record numbers to elect a new President, 128 Senators, 500 congressional representatives (Deputies) six governors and the Mayor of Mexico City.

Read the analysis here.


  • “A Stronger Future: Policy Recommendations for U.S.-Mexico Relations”

The report presents recommendations to enhance regional competitiveness; reform the U.S. immigration system; more effectively fight organized crime and strengthen public security; further educational exchanges; increase energy cooperation; and develop ports of entry that strengthen trade and border security.

Read the publication here.


  • July 9th: Mexico’s 2012 Election in Perspective: Review and Analysis of the July 1st Elections

On July 1st Mexican citizens went to the polls to choose their next president, congress, mayor of Mexico City, and six governors. The victory of Enrique Peña Nieto and the Institutional Revolutionary Party was predicted by pollsters, but his margin of victory was less than expected. The Mexico Institute invited several experts to analyze the results, what went wrong with the polling, and how the narrower margin of victory may affect the incoming PRI government, as well as Mexico’s economy, security, and relations with the United States.

View event here.

  • June 18th: Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Election and the Nation’s Role in the World

Mexicans go to the polls in less than one month to elect a new president, with enormous implications for the future of Mexico’s economy, security, and social development. Representatives from each of the principle presidential campaigns will joined us for a lively discussion about the election, what it means for Mexico, and the future of Mexico’s relations with the United States and the rest of the world.

View event here.

  • July 11th: A Stronger Future: Policy Recommendation for U.S.-Mexico Relations

The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars seized the opportunity provided by simultaneous elections to convene a high-level retreat of preeminent political, business, academic, and media leaders from the two countries in March 2012 to focus on fresh ideas to take the relationship between the two countries to a new level.  From this retreat emerged A Stronger Future: Policy Recommendations for U.S.-Mexico Relations.

View event here.

  • July 16th: How to Build a 21st Century Border

The Mexico Institute hosted a discussion on developing efficient and secure border management strategies. As one of the architects of the 21st Century Border initiative, Alan Bersin, Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, delivered a keynote address. Our panel then identified key challenges and opportunities regarding both the security and economic dimensions of border management.

View event here.

  • July 23rd: Latino Leadership Project: A Latino Perspective on U.S. Foreign Policy

The Latino Task Force was convened to formulate specific foreign policy recommendations to President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney in advance of the 2012 presidential elections, advising both candidates on how policy must change to recognize and respond to the growing strength of the U.S. Latino community.

View event here.

For a full list of events by the Mexico Institute, click here.


  • July 2nd: “How will PRI’s win change the U.S.-Mexico relationship,” CNN.

The possibility of a PRI victory had worried many observers and politicians in the United States. In this article though, Andrew Selee—director of the Mexico Institute—says that it will make surprisingly little difference for the U.S.-Mexico relationship. This is largely a tribute to how deeply interdependent the two countries are today, as well as the ways in which Mexican society has evolved over the past two decades.

Read news story here.

  • July 12th:Mexican Vote Fight Undercuts New Leader,”  Wall Street Journal.

​Fraud Allegations by Losing Candidate Prompts President Elect Peña Nieto to Consider Delaying Economic Overhaul Plan. Mexico Institute’s Eric Olson comments.

Read news story here.

  • July 26th: “U.S. Competitiveness: The Mexican Connection” Issues in Science and Technology.

Magazine, Issues in Science and Technology Mexico Institute’s, published Mexico Institute’s Chris Wilson’s article on trade, U.S. Competitiveness: The Mexican Connection on their summer 2012 publication.

To download pdf, click here.

For a full list of Mexico Institue in the News, click here.



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