Sheriff Joe Arpaio Ethnic Discrimination Case Goes to Court

Fox News Latino, 7/19/12

Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled to face trail Thursday over  allegations that he systematically discriminated against Latinos and illegally  usurped federal authority during years of sweeps aimed at rounding up  undocumented immigrants.

The lawsuit, Melendres v. Arpaio, alleges that Arpaio’s office and his  volunteer posses target people who look Latino to check their immigration  status, and stop Latinos more frequently and for longer durations than  non-Latinos…

Arpaio, the country’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff, denies his office  discriminates against Latinos.

“This office aggressively enforces all local, state and federal laws in order  to combat the growing illegal immigration epidemic in Maricopa County,” Arpaio’s  office says in a statement on its website. “Deputy sheriffs are specifically  trained to identify indicators that a person or persons might be in this country  illegally without violating their constitutional rights.”

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