Mexican presidential vote expected to change little on crime strategy, relations with U.S.

Dallas Morning News, 6/24/12

No matter who wins next Sunday’s presidential election here, party officials and observers don’t expect any major transformation in U.S.-Mexico relations, nor do they see a major shift in the strategy against organized crime, at least not beyond the surface…

They may do things that will be more along the lines of changing the nuances than changing the overall strategy,” said Andrew Selee, vice president for programs and director of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, which promotes dialogue and understanding between the U.S. and Mexico. “There might be some tweaking of the strategy here or there, more for cosmetic reasons, but I see no major abrupt changes in strategy. My guess is that security is so important to both countries that neither government will do anything that would jeopardize that.”

Vázquez Mota has called for the U.S. to do more to lower demand for drugs and stop the flow of guns south, a call echoed by all candidates and past presidents. During a recent Woodrow Wilson Center forum in Washington, Vázquez Mota’s top foreign adviser, Ruben Beltran, reiterated the need for the two nations to include Central America and the Caribbean nations in the mix, ensuring “that every country does its part to confront organized crime. … We should not limit our sources of information coming from the United States. We need to look at other North American countries. We have to create a North American regional security strategy to become more effective.”

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