A right, little by little. The extraterritorial vote and its Kafkian amendments. [in Spanish]

Xóchitl Bada op-ed

In this op-ed Dr. Bada discusses voting as a Mexican living abroad, and how it is limited by Mexican electoral laws.  The first is the need for a voters card, which can only be obtained in Mexico, and the second is lack of information in the United States.  Bada says that, for example, many Mexicans abroad did not know that they could use their cards from 2003 or 2009, and that there are other obstacles to obtaining a card once they are actually in Mexico.  Once people actually get a card, Bada says, they then encounter continued problems with actually sending in their vote.  She says that over the next six years civil society groups in the U.S. should work together to petition the Mexican government for change in the laws.

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