Single Window System Helps Mexican Commerce [In Spanish]

El Economista, 6/5/2012

The Secretariat of Economy in Mexico announced that the second phase of customs facilitation through the Single Window system (Ventanilla Única de Comercio Exterior Mexicana) began “without a problem.”

This change consists of carrying out the exchange of goods electronically through the Electronic Value Receipt (Comprobante de Valor Electrónico (COVE)) and the digitalization of additional documents that request the import and/or export of goods at all customs stations in Mexico.

So far, this tool functions “in an effective way” and has improved the response-time for customers.

“Only on Monday, the Single Window system processed over 80,000 COVES and more than 42,000 digital documents without a problem and with a prompt response-time,” declared the Secretariat of Economy.

The Single Window system currently operates throughout the national territory, responding to around 80% of the paperwork related to international commerce and taken care of by the Secretariat of Economy and the Secretary of the Treasury.

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