AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 5/17/12

The Mexico Institute, AL DÍA: News and Analysis from the Mexico Institute, 5/17/12

Each morning, through the Mexico Portal feature, “¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día”, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from five major Mexican dailies: Reforma, El Universal, La Jornada, Excelsior and Milenio. Enjoy!

Cada día, por la entrada titulada, “¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día”, vamos a traerles un surtido de artículos de opinión de cinco periódicos populares de México: Reforma, El Universal, La Jornada, Excelsior y Milenio. ¡Que lo disfruten!


  • Templo Mayor: There is much controversy surrounding the detention of General Tomás Ángeles. Some say that he had a relationship with the Beltrán Leyva Cartel. At the same time, it is widely acknowledged that Ángeles was always a harsh critic of the federal government strategy against organized crime; Former minister Genero Góngora Pimentel caused much commotion over Twitter when he declared Peña Nieto’s ties with General Ángeles through an account that he did not open himself; The campaign team of Josefina Vázquez Mota will gather to revise their strategy so far and evaluate what they are missing before July 1st.

  • Lorenzo Meyer, “AMLO y la galleta china”: The last column written by Carlos Fuentes expressed his concern over the presidential candidates and how they were not touching on “the great themes of today”. Meyer agrees. There are many ways to identify the differences between presidential candidates, and Meyer suggests the political biography as one of those routes. In his opinion, whoever replaces Calderón will have to give direction to the strength and willingness of the Mexican state and the society as a whole, yet not to administrate the public but rather to face the huge national problem that in words of Guillermo Hurtado stands as “the crisis or absence of sense of our collective existence.” In other words, the new president will have to reconstruct the social fabric of the nation. Judging from his political biography, Meyer states that López Obrador is the best candidate to occupy the presidency.

El Universal

  • Bajo Reserva, “El arresto del general Ángeles”: The detention of General Tomás Ángeles Dauahare brought controversy upon the campaign of Enrique Peña Nieto as the General occupied administrative positions in the Secretary of Defense and participated in the analysis of the national security strategy of the PRI-PVEM presidential candidate; Just as there is a march against Enrique Peña Nieto, there recently appeared on social media networks a march against Josefina Vázquez Mota; The campaign team of Vázquez Mota wants to have a full audience inside the Estado Azul of the Federal District.


  • Clase Política, “Sí al conteo rápido”:  Unless the decision is reversed, the Judicial Electoral Tribunal will run a fast count of the election on the very same night of Election Day. The fast count will provide an approximate panorama of the presidential election’s results. The Federal Electoral Institute’s General Council has approved the vote count under the title “national poll”, which will involve 500 thousand randomly chosen ballot boxes. Results from the poll are expected on July 1st around 11 pm.


  • Jorge Fernández Menéndez, “Tomás Ángeles: un general bajo sospecha”:  There is not sufficient information at the momento to reach concrete conclusions but surely the PGR and the Secretariat of National Defense would not have taken action against members of the Mexican military without solid evidence. Generals Tomás Ángeles Dauahare and Roberto Dawe González are currently being detained and investigated by the Attorney General’s office over suspected links to organized crime.

  • Leo Zuckermann, “Los candidatos desaparecidos”: Zuckermann admits that he does not know who he will vote for in Congress. In fact, Zuckermann is not even aware of what his local district is.  The Deputies and Senators that seek to represent electoral districts are mostly unknown and have barely pursued a campaign.  In Zuckermann’s district there is little to no advertisements for the campaigns of legislative representatives. The few ads that the candidates have run are mostly focused in supporting the presidential campaign.


  • Trascendió: Relations between France and Mexico, damaged from the case of Florence Cassez, may be improved with the ascendance of leftist Francois Hollande to the French presidency. Marcelo Ebrard, chief of government of Mexico City, was unable to participate in his parties electoral campaigns due to his commitments to the funeral activities for Carlos Fuentes. Enrique Peña Nieto’s campaign coordinator, Luis Videgaray, has quickly attempted to repair the damage done by the candidate’s disastrous visit to the Iberoamericana University.

  • Ciro Gómez Leyva, “Esta noche voy a ver a Elba Esther”: Elba Esther Gordillo, in a rude speech with the President at Los Pinos, accused Josefina Vázquez Mota of being ambicious and vile. Afterwards, she agreed to an interview with Milenio. Gómez Leyva hopes to ask Gordillo if she believes it is time for her to retire from public life as she must be aware of the degree to which she is despised. As head of the Teacher’s Syndicate for 23 years, she is she frequently targeted as the source of Mexico’s mediocre educational system.


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