Report release: “La seguridad ciudadana, el problema principal de América Latina”, Commentary by Eric L. Olson

Latinobarómetro, 5/9/12

Eric L. Olson

The public opinion research firm, Latinobarómetro, has just released a new report (in Spanish) entitled “Public Security, the main problem in Latin America” by Marta Lagos and Lucia Dámmert.

The report provides an excellent overview of public opinion about public security issues as well as a review of the existing data about crime and violence.  Mexico and Central America are a central part of the analysis.

In one interesting section, the authors discuss how in cases such as Mexico victimization rates (42%) are much higher than homicide rates (18.1/100K) where in other countries like Honduras victimization rates are at 36% while homicide rates are at 82.1/100k.  Many possible explanations of this difference including that crimes other than homicide are more broadly perceived in Mexico than in Honduras.

Many more interesting tables and analysis in the report, which can be found here.


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