Vázquez Mota accuses the PRI of coming to an agreement with organized crime [In Spanish]

ADNPolítico, 4/30/2012

Josefina Vázquez Mota, presidential candidate for the PAN, accused former PRI president Humberto Moreira and a high official in his Coahuila administration of coming to an agreement with organized crime. The presidential candidate made this declaration through an audio recording: “it has recently come to public attention the link between a high official of the Moreira government, former president of the PRI, with organized crime. That same government official followed Moreira’s orders to get four generations of Coahuila residents into debt.”

This declaration refers to the accusations that Javier Villarreal currently faces in the United States for money laundering. Villarreal was treasurer of Coahuila during the Moreira administration and is now being accused by U.S. authorities in courts in San Antonio, Texas, for money laundering and alleged participation in organized crime activities.

In the same audio recording, the PAN presidential candidates says that “Moreira and the PRI did not only betray citizens by pawning their future with an insolvent debt, as they also betrayed Mexicans by coming to an agreement with organized crime.”

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