New graphs from JOIN – Agencia Ciudadana de Noticias

Jovenes Informados: Agencia Ciudadana de Noticias, 4/25/12

The Mexico based Group ‘JOIN: Agencia Ciudadana de Noticias’ has releasedthe latest graphs in its ongoing series “México rumbo al 2012, por un voto mejor informado”. 

According to the group, their graphs are based on publicly available information and are intended to inform the public on current issues in Mexico that will impact the upcoming presidential election.  This issue contains graphs focused on three types of development in Mexico: Social, Economic, and Sustainable.

The graph on Social development, containing data on poverty in Mexico, can be viewed here.

The graph on Economic development, containing data on Mexican salaries, GDP, and the prices of basic consumer goods can be viewed here.

The graph on sustainable development, containing data on the quality of water, deforestation and biodiversity in Mexico can be viewed here.


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