‘Juanito’ Registers as Presidential Candidate [In Spanish]

ADNPolítico, 3/22/2012

Rafael Acosta (better known as “Juanito”) submitted his application at the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) to register himself as an independent presidential candidate. Acosta is a former representative of the Iztapalapa, a burough of the Federal District of Mexico City. He assured that it was the Mexican citizenry who asked him to run a political campaign in the 2012 election, explaining that they no longer have trust in political parties.

“I have traveled the entire country over three times now, and the people asked me to become their candidate because they no longer have trust in political parties nor politicians who do nothing for the citizenry,” declared Acosta.

He also said that he feels confident in obtaining more votes than Enrique Peña Nieto, who according to polls currently leads in voter preference. “I am sure that I will win and that I will obtain more votes than he who is ahead of me,” Acosta said.

If the IFE were to deny his candidacy, “Juanito” assured that he already counts with a legal resource to defend his case, including instances of international of justice if needed.

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