AL DÍA: ¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día: 3/7/12

The Mexico Institute, AL DÍA: News and Analysis from the Mexico Institute, 3/7/12

Each morning, through the Mexico Portal feature, “¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día”, we will bring you an assortment of op-ed pieces from five major Mexican dailies: Reforma, El Universal, La Jornada, Excelsior and Milenio. Enjoy!

Cada día, por la entrada titulada, “¿Qué opinan? Firmas del día”, vamos a traerles un surtido de artículos de opinión de cinco periódicos populares de México: Reforma, El Universal, La Jornada, Excelsior y Milenio. ¡Que lo disfruten!



  • Templo Mayor: The tension inside PAN is growing. Various complaints were expressed during the meeting of the National Executive Committee on Monday, and in particular those claims against Gustavo Madero’s nomination of Larrazabal for a plurinominal seat in Congress. So far, 47 disputes have been registered in 14 states, creating a case of concern for the team of Vázquez Mota; Delinquency levels have reached the state of Morelos, when a group of 14 people (prominent politicians amongst them) were attacked and robbed by a group of unidentified armed me, just as they were having dinner at a hotel in Xochicalco.
  • Sergio Aguayo, “¿Y los jóvenes?”: Mexico is still a country with young people, with 43% of the electorate registered in the Lista Nominal de Electores having between 18 and 34 years of age. According to a study led by Enrique Cuna, 75% of them said they will not vote in the upcoming July elections. There is a generational divide that persists and is reflected by the political actions of the presidential candidates and their political parties. Politicians have the same attitude from previous generations: wishing to be listened yet not paying attention to the voices of the young potential electorate.


El Universal

  • Bajo Reserva, “Cochinero en el PAN”: PAN deputy Javier Corral denounced the election process of candidates to the Senate, showing a documentary to a dozen PAN legislators that aims to give proof of how he was allegedly prevented by other PAN members from obtaining a nomination to a political seat. After being on hold for 10 years and with President Calderón’s 12-month lobbying efforts, modifications to a reform against misleading advertising were finally agreed upon. The ‘veda electoral’ seems not to have affected the continuation of political campaigns. For instance, Vázquez Mota continues to engage in several political activities and news on her is shown on the media every day. She will be traveling to Los Angeles this weekend to meet with communities of Mexican immigrants.



  • Clase Política, “Hijo de Maquío sigue sus pasos”: Manuel Clouthier Carrillo intended to run for President independently after resigning from PAN, but non-party candidates are not under Mexican law.



  • Jorge Fernández Menéndez, “De Colosio a Coldwell, algo más que 18 años”:  Eighteen years ago, Luis Donaldo Colosio gave a celebrated speech regarding the potential Mexico he saw; a Mexico of posibilities that he strove to construct. On the other hand, the speech given by Pedro Joaquín Coldwell at the PRI party’s 83rd anniversary was very different…

  • Leo Zuckermann, “Paredes y Miranda, muy lejos de Mancera”: The election for the governorship of Mexico City is of paramount importance to the Mexican left as the capital is the PRD party’s remaining bastion of power. Knowing the importance of the election, the PRD chose Miguel Ángel Mancera as its candidate against the candidates of the PRI and PAN.



  • Trascendió: As the International Day of Women aproaches, Governor Eruviel Ávila of Mexico State has accomplished the goal of capturing an infamous rapist while Enrique Peña Nieto prepares a meeting with prominent women to discuss his campaign’s positions on gender.

  • Ciro Gómez Leyva, “¿Quién da hoy 3 millones por un ex gobernador del PRI?”:  The Attorney General’s office, the PGR, has offered a reward of 3 million pesos for information regarding a member of the PRI’s disgraced generation of former governors; a generation referred to as the ‘viceroys’ of the PRI…



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