Interpreting the Latin American Soul- Enrique Krauze’s “Redeemers”

The New York Times, 8/26/11

Enrique Krauze is a well-known historian in Mexico. He is also a documentary filmmaker and television talking head renowned for his mellifluous basso voice, a publisher of elegant coffee-table books and a canny operator within the upper murks of Mexican politics. He is the editor of a glossy highbrow magazine called Letras Libres.

There are corners of the Spanish-speaking universe in which he is omnipresent, and even a few corners of the English-speaking universe in which his byline is hard to miss. I have been following his work for decades. I subscribe to his magazine. Occasionally I contribute to it. He has always seemed to me a keen and judicious political observer, worldly and instinctively liberal.

But now it occurs to me that he is also marked by a rare and attractive gift for noticing the several ways that, under the bright sun of the imagination, the kingdom of politics and the kingdom of literature sometimes merge.

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