Mexico’s Bicentennial

Mexico Institute, 9/16/2010

More news and reflections about Mexico’s bicentennial:

Former Mexican presidents Vicente Fox and Carlos Salinas celebrated at the National Palace, at President Felipe Calderón’s invitation. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the 2006 leftist presidential candidate, gave the grito in Tlatelolco.

The editorial in El Universal hopes for national unity: “The 19th century in Mexico was the fight between liberals and conservatives. The 20th century was the conflict between authoritarians and democrats. Will we have another century of confrontation between Mexicans or will we take the step towards a unified nation? That is the challenge.”

La Jornada, in its editorial, calls the bicentennial a failed celebration: “anticlimactic, frivolous, and empty.”

Former foreign minister Jorge Castañeda writes in Reforma that there are two themes to celebrate in Mexico: a growing middle class and the rise of multiple identities. Historian Lorenzo Meyer looks back on the last two centuries and future challenges.


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