Editorial: Drugs are no longer a tabu (in Spanish)

El Universal, 8/4/2010

Just a year ago the federal governemtn and the PAN would not even discuss the topic.  PAN governments argued that legalizing and drug was “putting at risk” the health and security of “Mexican families,” as if education, varying levels of use, and preventitive measures did not exist.  Yesterday, President Calderon took the initiative to dismantle the dogma: “It is a fundamental debate that should take place.”

Something happened to make the federal government change its rigid posture of the previous four years.  Did it lose the backing of the people? Whatever the motive, the willingness to revise strategy should be celebrated. It demonstrates a democratic commitment.

Now the time has come to set the terms of the debate.

Proponents and opponents of the decriminalization of drug consumption must recognize that, from the start, the topic is a pandora’s box.  Many factors must be taken into consideration before accepting or discarding the possibility.  There are various implications for public health, social cohesion, the economy, international cooperation, and other areas.

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