Editorial: A luxury that the generation of no will not be able to give (in Spanish)

Ciro Gómez Leyva, Milenio, 4/6/2010

The calendar is inexorable.  As of today, nine sessions remain.  What will the senators and deputies do during this period for the Mexico’s future?  Little, it appears.  As things look, the best prediction would be:

• Approve the National Security Law that has been requested by the Mexican military in the past year.

• Advance the anti-kidnapping law, and possibly approve it after April 30th in a special session.

• Begin the discussion of the various projects of political reform … and possibly also complete it during the special session.

• Progress, or see what progress can be made, in the discussion of labor and fiscal reforms, which do not appear to have a path toward approval in April or the special session.  Bye, bye, see you in September.

• If the politcal work has really been done and they wove together all the agreements, the surprise would be the approval of the anti-monopoly law, sent yesterday by Calderon.

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