Mexican Drug Cartel Leaves Dire Calling Card

Washington Post, 4/22/2009

The bishop has now been warned.

Last week at a news conference, Héctor González Martínez, the Roman Catholic archbishop in the state of Durango, announced what many Mexicans suspect: that “everyone knows” where the country’s most wanted drug lord lives, “except the authorities.”

Events then took a deadly and macabre turn, as they often do in Mexico’s ongoing drug war. On Tuesday, two military officers were found dead near their bullet-riddled Ford Fiesta in the rough country of the Sierra Madre north of Durango, a region known as the Golden Triangle.

The two were found with arms tied and eyes bound with tape. They had been shot multiple times by AK-47 rounds. Nearby was a taunting message that read: “You’ll never get El Chapo — not the priests, not the government.”

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