Thousands Protest Mexico City Vehicle Driving Ban

July 2, 2014

7/1/14 ABC News

shutterstock_28447024Thousands of people marched and blocked roads in Mexico’s capital Tuesday to protest a new anti-pollution measure that would ban them from driving on Saturdays.

Mexico City has long banned older cars from operating one weekday every week, but anti-smog rules that took effect Tuesday additionally now prohibit cars and trucks more than 15 years old from also operating on Saturdays.

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New airport plan for Mexico City eyes six runways

June 24, 2014

06/19/14 Reuters

airportMexico is reviewing design plans for a new 120 billion peso ($9.23 billion) Mexico City airport which will eventually have six runways and should begin operating by 2018, according to sources familiar with the plan.

The new hub is due to replace the overstretched Benito Juarez International Airport and would be built on the area of the Texcoco lake bed nearby, said two people with knowledge of the project, few details about which have been revealed.

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Legislators to meet in Mexico in bid to bolster climate laws

June 5, 2014

globe north south americaBusinessGreen, 06/05/14

Hundreds of parliamentarians from around the world will gather in Mexico this weekend to sign a new blueprint that aims to stop average global temperatures rising to two degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The World Summit of Legislators, organised by Globe International, comes in the same week that the world’s two largest emitters- the USA and China – signaled major new plans to curb carbon dioxide emissions over the coming decades.

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Mothers of the missing stage protest in Mexico City

May 12, 2014

Grave photo credit Kelly DonlanGlobal Post, 5/11/14

Hundreds of mothers and other relatives of missing people participated in a march in Mexico City to remember the victims and pressure officials to find people who have disappeared in Mexico. The protesters, who carried banners with photos of the missing, started out Saturday from the Mothers Monument. The 3rd March for National Dignity ended at the Angel of Independence monument, where demonstrators read a declaration stating that relatives of the missing had nothing to celebrate on Mother’s Day and were brought together by “the same pain and demands for an immediate search for justice.”

“In light of the humanitarian emergency of disappearances in Mexico, tens of thousands of families domestically and abroad have been irreparably affected and we have come out to seek and investigate the fate or whereabouts of our sons and daughters,” organizers said. A total of 26,121 people were listed as missing in Mexico as of February 2013, the Government Secretariat said in a report.

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Mexico City offers visitors eclectic experiences

May 9, 2014

Mexico CityThe Desert Sun, 5/8/14

With all due respect, if your experience south of the border has been limited to Tijuana, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta, you’re missing out. Yes, with its 21.2 million denizens perched at an altitude of 7,943 feet, la Ciudad de México is mucho to bite off. But the taste it will leave in your mouth, the enchantments it will bring to your other four senses, are certain to utterly reward your intrepidness.

This cosmopolitan metropolis — which began as Old Tenochtitlan, the fabled capital of the Aztec Empire that ceded to the Spaniards in 1521 before being reborn with Mexico’s 19th century independence — offers first-time visitors an intoxicating amalgam of the pre-Hispanic, the colonial, and the modern, exceeding every expectation and demanding frequent returns.

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Argentine experts confirm identities of victims in Mexico City case

May 5, 2014

Grave photo credit Kelly DonlanFox News Latino, 5/4/14

Argentine specialists have confirmed that the bodies found last August in a mass grave were those of the 13 young people kidnapped from the Heaven bar in Mexico City’s upscale Zona Rosa district, prosecutors said.

“The results of the external investigation conducted by Argentine specialists confirm the findings released by this institution and by the Attorney General of the Republic’s Office on the full identification of the Heaven bar victims,” the Federal District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Investigators found the remains of 13 people, all of them abducted from the Heaven bar, in a clandestine grave in Tlalmanalco, a city in Mexico state, on Aug. 22, 2013. The bodies of the people snatched from the Heaven bar were discovered by federal authorities pursuing leads in a firearms case unrelated to the Heaven bar kidnappings. Investigators found the mass grave – covered with cement, asbestos and lime – on the La Mesa ranch in Tlalmanalco.

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Mexico City’s Plan Verde

April 22, 2014

environment - child hugging treeGreen Cities

Previously known as one of the world’s most polluted cities, Mexico City is cleaning up its act, starting with Plan Verde (Green Plan). This 15-year initiative began in 2007, and is backed by the United Nations and the World Bank. Plan Verde aims to set aside approximately 8% of the city’s annual budget for implementing extensive and ambitious initiatives to make the city more environmentally friendly. These initiatives cover many topics of sustainability, but the main focus is on improving air quality and reducing traffic. Environmental awareness has been expanding throughout Mexico as efforts are made to preserve water supply, increase renewable energy production, and protect endangered species. Mexico City is leading the country in its environmental endeavors.

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Mexico City’s nonchalance toward gay marriage is catching on in South America

March 31, 2014

gay pride flagGlobal Post, 3/31/14

In Mexico’s modernizing capital, the word these days seems to be “keep calm, and marry on,” a nonchalance toward gay marriage that’s slowly catching on across Latin America. Pushing that message, Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera stood witness recently to the mass wedding of 58 lesbian and gay couples, who said their vows in unison.

“This is one more event in … the city of freedoms,” Mancera, who presided over a similar ceremony in July, told the 74 women and 42 men taking the plunge. Mexico’s capital is “a city that is concerned about and working on moving ahead,” he said.

But this city’s left-leaning government has been poking the eyes of Catholic leaders and other cultural conservatives for more than a decade now. Promoting diversity — sexual, political, religious — is official policy here. The Mexican capital in many ways has set the pace of social change across Mexico and the region. Mexico City legalized gay marriage in late 2009. Less than a year later, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that the rest of the nation must recognize those marriages.

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Mexico City “Eco-Bici” Inspires Alternate Transportation

March 5, 2014

people walking down city street - blurNBC, 3/4/14

It’s called “Eco-bici”, as in “economical bicycle.” It’s a cheap way to get from point A to B but nope, you can’t find it in Los Angeles, at least not yet. Some 2,000 miles to the south, in a city similar in square miles, but three times the population of LA, the eco-bici is thriving in Mexico City. Stations located throughout the city, especially in the financial and business districts of Mexico are growing in popularity especially when compared against other forms of transportation. A subway ride costs 5 pesos (38 cents) but riders say the bike is still a bargain and it’s better for the environment. While the program is still growing in Mexico, some citizens say Los Angeles could learn from Mexico’s program.LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is traveling in Mexico this week, says the program could work in Los Angeles.

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Mexico City party calls for legal marijuana shops

February 18, 2014

marijuana leafThe Financial Times, 2/17/14

Mexico City, capital of one of the world’s biggest drug-trafficking countries, where as many as 80,000 people are estimated to have died in recent years in a war on drugs, could have legal marijuana shops if a leftist party gets its way. Members of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in the Mexico City legislature have presented a bill to create dispensaries to buy legally permitted amounts of the drug – a kind of Dutch-style coffee shop, without the coffee, said Esthela Damián, one of the bill’s sponsors.

Mexico allows people to have as much as 5g of cannabis for personal use, but the bill’s proponents are also pushing to have federal law changed to raise that to a “more realistic” 30g, Ms Damián said. The marijuana shops would be called “safe supply spaces” but users would not be able to smoke their legally acquired drugs on the premises.

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