Brown signs California immigration bills, wins activists’ kudos in pressing for reform

October 7, 2013

The Washington Post, 10/6/2013

immigration marchOn a day when immigrant-rights activists nationwide rallied for action from Washington, Gov. Jerry Brown put California at the vanguard of change, signing sweeping laws aimed at speeding the assimilation of those in the country illegally.

Brown (D) signed eight bills Saturday, including one prohibiting local law enforcement officials from detaining immigrants longer than necessary for minor crimes so that federal immigration authorities can take custody of them.

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Trust Act could be another win for immigrants and their advocates

September 17, 2013

The Los Angeles Tmigrationimes, 9/17/2013

If Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation known as the Trust Act, federal immigration authorities will have a somewhat harder time taking custody of people in local jails who are suspected of being in the country illegally.

The measure, which would prohibit local jailers from holding most arrestees for an additional 48 hours before federal authorities arrive, is not expected to put a large dent in the number of deportations.

But with a revamp of immigration laws stalled in Washington, immigrant rights advocates hope to send a message that most deportation should end. Along with a bill granting driver’s licenses to more immigrants who are in the country illegally, the Trust Act would cement California’s position as one of the states most hospitable to such immigrants.

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California lawmakers seek closer ties with Mexico

July 31, 2013

120px-Law_gavelU-T San Diego, 7/31/2013

Saying California has neglected its relationship with Mexico, a veteran California legislator on Tuesday called on Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration to make a greater priority of cross-border ties.

“You have a governor who has gone to China, opened up a trade office (there), and we haven’t gone to Mexico yet,” said state Sen. Lou Correa, D-Anaheim, referring to Brown.

Correa spoke at the offices of the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (DEITAC), a group that promotes foreign investment in the city’s manufacturing sector. He was accompanied by two members of the Assembly — Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, and Rocky Chavez, R-Carlsbad — as well as Denise Moreno Ducheny, a retired state senator from San Diego.

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Osuna and Brown to meet about border agenda (in Spanish)

January 3, 2011

La Frontera, 1/3/2010

California y Baja California es una región estratégica y se tiene una agenda de temas de interés común en la que se trabajará y se dará continuidad, coincidieron los Gobernadores de ambas entidades, Jerry Brown y José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, respectivamente.

A través de un comunicado de prensa se informó que en el marco de la toma de protesta del nuevo Gobernador de California, Jerry Brown, los mandatarios estatales sostuvieron una entrevista en la que revisaron algunos de los proyectos estratégicos en materia de infraestructura, seguridad, medio ambiente, salud y energía.

Acompañado del Alcalde de Tijuana, Carlos Bustamante, el Gobernador del Estado destacó la importancia de darle continuidad a los proyectos para agilizar los cruces fronterizos, donde California y Baja California destacan al ser las únicas entidades de la en contar con un Plan Maestro conjunto.

Osuna Millán resaltó además el tema de la seguridad pública, donde será relevante la aportación del Gobernador de California, al haberse desempeñado anteriormente como Procurador de Justicia de dicha entidad.

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