Mexico to unveil revamped global image

September 24, 2014

09/23/14 Financial Times

airplane on runwayIf anyone needs convincing about the scale of Mexico’s ambitions on the global stage, they need look no further than plans for a glittering $9bn airport. Big, bold and beautiful, the proposed hub is the embodiment of the government’s latest slogan of a “Mexico on the move”, a country with nearly a dozen transformational reforms under its belt, promising to deliver more competition and better productivity to one of the world’s most up-and-coming markets. The government will launch a revamped global brand next month to cement its image as an enticing trade and tourism power. But internationally, the message is already getting through – and not just to investors. A number of high-profile recent visits, including from potential 2016 US presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, as well as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, underscore Mexico’s growing presence.

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Exclusive: Mexico gets first bid for $10 billion national mobile network

September 22, 2014

09/19/14 Reuters

people networkMexico has received its first bid from a consortium to build a $10 billion state-owned mobile network, a linchpin of efforts to break the hold of Carlos Slim’s America Movil on telecom services. Telecom equipment makers Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson helped the consortium craft the proposal submitted to the government, four sources said. Mexico’s government, which estimates that the network will require an investment of about $10 billion over 10 years, wants to pick a winner in mid-2015, two sources said.

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Investing in Mexico: not all about oil

September 18, 2014

09/17/14 Financial Times

gas pipeline and gaugeOil and gas prospects are obviously at the front of Mexico’s investment prospects – the country’s energy reform is expected to attract as much as $50bn in foreign investment in 2020. But there’s more, the government says. And not just in the increasingly high-tech manufacturing industry that Mexico has embraced – it is the world’s fourth exporter of cars and first of flat-screen TVs, and its aerospace industry has rocketed. No, Mexico is targeting a range of other areas that are either untapped or could be developed further: think organic agriculture, halal products to serve the world’s 1.2bn strong Muslim market; the development of smart cities; shipbuilding; videogames; and medical tourism.

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Peña Nieto Lures Foreign Funds Not Local Money: Corporate Mexico

July 9, 2014

7/9/14 Bloomberg

international currencyTwo years after Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto won election on a promise to boost growth, foreign investors are buying his vision. Their Mexican counterparts increasingly are doubting it.

Mexicans cut their holdings of the nation’s equities by 45 percent in the past year and are now the most bearish relative to foreigners since at least 2010, based on data for BlackRock Inc. exchange-traded funds. Global investors raised holdings during the same period. Peña Nieto’s approval rating has fallen to less than 40 percent from 55 percent in the first quarter of last year, according to polling agency GEA-ISA.

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Mexico Bond Risk Set to Drop Below Chile for First Time

June 4, 2014

BusinessWeek, 06/04/14

120px-Flag_of_Mexico_(1)Mexico is on the verge of overtaking Chile as the safest destination for bond investors in Latin America.

It cost 0.03 percentage point more this week to protect Mexico’s bonds against default than debt from Chile, which is rated four levels higher at AA- by Standard & Poor’s. The premium is now the smallest in CMA Ltd. data going back a decade and down from a record 2.94 percentage points in 2008.

Mexico’s sweeping constitutional laws that jettisoned its 75-year state oil monopoly and boosted tax revenue are helping to close the gap with Chile, the region’s most creditworthy nation.

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Mexico courts foreign investment with energy reform

December 13, 2013

Financial Times, 12/12/13

energy - oil barrelsAfter being banished to an auditorium when leftist  deputies hijacked the chamber, Mexico’s lower house of Congress passed historic  energy reforms on Thursday designed to lure billions  of dollars in investment to a sector shackled to the state for 75 years.

Cheers of “Mexico, Mexico” were met by chants of “traitors, traitors” from  critics of the reform at the culmination of a rowdy session, which was switched  to a crowded auditorium after opponents padlocked the chamber and blocked it  with chairs in a bid to derail voting.

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Mexico Open to Airport Expansion as $5 Billion Cost Seen

December 11, 2013

Bloomberg, 12/11/2013

airplane on runwayPresident Enrique Pena Nieto may expand the congested Mexico City airport, the busiest in Latin America, on government-owned land east of the capital, his top transportation official said.

Construction could begin as soon as 2014, Communications and Transportation Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza told reporters yesterday in Mexico City. Investment in Benito Juarez International Airport would amount to about $5 billion, according to an estimate by Luis Zarate, head of a trade group for builders.

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