Mexico’s opposition leader discusses impact of energy policy overhaul

January 27, 2014

energy -drilling_platform_in_seaFuelFix 1/26/14

Gustavo Madero, president of Mexico’s opposition National Action Party, helped push his organization party to join with the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party in approving a significant overhaul of Mexican energy policy. The constitutional amendment and related legislation still in the works will open Mexico’s nationalized oil sector to more international investment for the first time in decades. During a visit to Houston last week, he spoke with FuelFix about how the changes will affect Mexico’s national oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, and other aspects of the nation’s energy landscape.

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Mexico’s PAN to Push Own Bill Opening Pemex Ahead of Pena Nieto

July 19, 2013

energy - oil_rigBloomberg, 7/18/2013

Mexico’s opposition National Action Party plans to present an energy bill seeking constitutional changes to open state-owned oil producer Petroleos Mexicanos to more competition and reverse eight years of falling output.

The plan to be presented July 31 will offer exploration concessions for private companies, said Gustavo Madero, the party’s president, who pledged to do “everything necessary” to win passage. The proposal would attract up to $30 billion in private investment, boost Mexican gross domestic product growth by as much as two percentage points annually and reserve majority control of projects for Mexican investors, other officials from the PAN, as the party is known, said today at a news conference.

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Mexico opposition parties again threaten to walk away from economic pact

July 15, 2013

voting mexicoReuters, 7/15/2013

Mexico’s opposition parties on Sunday blasted the government for failing to combat political corruption and threatened to walk away from a pact that aims to strengthen the economy unless President Enrique Pena Nieto makes swift concessions on electoral reform.

At a news conference on Sunday in Mexico City, PAN Chairman Gustavo Madero and PRD chief Jesus Zambrano slammed the PRI for not complying with prior calls to safeguard the polls but said they would remain in the pact if their conditions, aimed at cleaning up elections, were met. In exchange for remaining in the pact, Madero and Zambrano said they expected the government to perform an “exhaustive” investigation into the July 7 elections, assigning blame to candidates and parties that illegally used public funds to finance campaigns.

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Opposition dispute rivets Mexico, threatens reforms

May 21, 2013

panLos Angeles Times, 5/20/2013

A dramatic rupture in Mexico’s main opposition political party has aired the group’s dirty laundry and also could trip up President Enrique Peña Nieto’s ambitious agenda of reform. The political fireworks riveted Mexicans on Monday, dominating airwaves and social media as leaders of the National Action Party, or PAN, bickered openly.

On one level, citizens were viewing another chapter in the agony of a party that ruled for the last 12 years but has been corroded by infighting and a bitter power struggle. Also at stake, potentially, was the ease with which Peña Nieto has been getting legislation through a fairly compliant Congress. PAN chair Gustavo Madero over the weekend unceremoniously fired his party’s caucus leader in the Senate, Ernesto Cordero. Cordero will remain in the Senate, even continuing to hold his title of Senate president, but will no longer be the party’s go-to man.

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Mexico’s “game-changing” telecom reform due in days: party leader

March 7, 2013

using smartphoneReuters, 3/6/2013

Mexico’s phone and television markets, long dominated by Carlos Slim and his rivals, are facing a game-changing shakeup that could be announced in days, according to one of the political leaders tasked with drafting the reform. “This (reform) changes the whole board game,” Gustavo Madero, chairman of the conservative opposition National Action Party (PAN), told Reuters in an interview.

The leaders of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Mexico’s two main opposition parties are currently preparing the telecoms reform, which should be brought to Congress in days, not weeks, Madero said.

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PAN: Cordero and Villarreal, coordinators in Congress [in Spanish]

August 14, 2012

El Universal, 8/14/12

The next PAN legislative coordinators will be Luis Alberto Villarreal in the Chamber of Deputies and Ernesto Cordero in the Senate.  The national president of the PAN, Gustavo Madero formalized the decision yesterday.  When speaking to the press, Villarreal said that the PAN would be a responsible and collaborative opposition, but that they also would reject a return to an authoritarian past.  In addition, both said that they planned on learning from the PAN’s mistakes and that they would work towards reforming their party.

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Mexico parties join to demand campaign probe

July 20, 2012

The Associated Press, 07/19/2012

The conservative National Action Party joined Mexico’s main leftist party Thursday in accusing the winner of the country’s July 1 presidential election of campaign wrongdoing, saying it has “strong and conclusive” evidence of the use of illicit funds.

National Action leader Gustavo Madero said his party is demanding that electoral authorities investigate the purported use of pre-paid debit cards by apparent winner Enrique Pena Nieto’s campaign to disburse an estimated 108 million pesos ($8.2 million) in funds. That alone would be about a third of all the money the candidate was legally allowed to use in the race.

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