Closing a Fear Gap So Children Can Achieve

December 2, 2013

The New York Times, 12/1/2013

studentsAt a time when Latinos have surpassed whites to account for a majority of public school students in Texas, Ms. Garibay is taking an unusually direct approach to one of the most deeply entrenched challenges in education: the achievement gap in test scores and low graduation rates that are plaguing schools disproportionately populated by the children of immigrants.

By focusing her seminar on helping families and children navigate the bureaucracy of the immigration system, Ms. Garibay is hoping to help schools close their achievement gaps with others.

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Review: Museo Jumex in Mexico City is an impressive filter

December 2, 2013

Los Angeles Times, 12/1/2013

folk art - communitySince the 1990s, after several decades of relative stasis, Mexico City’s cultural ecology has experienced an efflorescence. A cosmopolitan mix of important Mexican and expatriate artists — Britain’s Melanie Smith, Belgium’s Francis Alÿs, Mexico’s Silvia Gruner, Gabriel Orozco, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Teresa Margolles, Eduardo Abaroa and scores more — has been accompanied by significant growth in art’s essential critical, curatorial and commercial apparatus.


What was missing was a museum. A good museum functions as a permeable membrane between a rigorously involved art world and an otherwise preoccupied public. Its absence here was no small void. Now, with the opening of the Museo Jumex, that gap is poised to close. An international program in contemporary art, including a significant permanent collection and an ambitious exhibition schedule, has made an impressive debut.

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The year of leading from behind

November 25, 2013

The Economist, 11/23/2013

Enrique Pena NietoWhen Enrique Peña Nieto spoke at an Economist conference this month, he was reminded that this newspaper had cautiously endorsed him for president last year as the “least bad” of the candidates. The audience laughed nervously; easy-going in person, the president is rarely exposed to such public leg-pulling. But though his first year in office has had downs, it has had more ups. If he can bring home the raft of reforms that he has launched, he could transform Mexico.

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Mexico Teacher’s Union Shows Political Clout

October 15, 2013

school-crossingThe Wall Street Journal, 10/13/2013

Tens of thousands of teachers are scheduled to return to school on Monday after their nearly-two-month strike shut out almost 1.3 million children in Oaxaca, setting the stage for violent clashes with parents who pledged to block their return.

During the teachers’ absence, parents, with help from teachers from a nonstriking union, opened dozens of schools in the poor southern state of Oaxaca, including one here at Mitla, a town that draws many tourists to its imposing pre-Columbian ruins.

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Children cross Mexican border to receive a U.S. education

September 23, 2013

The Washington Post, 9/23/2013

education2The children file into the U.S. port of entry, chatting in Spanish as they pull U.S. birth certificates covered in protective plastic from Barbie and SpongeBob backpacks. Armed U.S. border officers wave them onto American soil and the yellow buses waiting to take them to school in Luna County, N.M. This is the daily ritual of the American schoolchildren of Palomas, Mexico, a phenomenon that dates back six decades and has helped blur the international border here.

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Biden to visit Panama, Mexico in September in push to strengthen ties with Latin America

August 30, 2013

Joe BidenThe Washington Post, 8/29/2013

The White House says Vice President Joe Biden is preparing to travel next month to Panama and Mexico, part of an effort by the Obama administration to strengthen economic ties with Latin and Central America.

In Panama, Biden will meet with President Ricardo Martinelli and tour the Panama Canal’s expansion project, which is a priority for the U.S. as well.  Biden will meet in Mexico with President Enrique Pena Nieto. The White House says while in Mexico, Biden will launch a high-level economic dialogue. He’ll also highlight education and research.

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Mexico teachers bar MPs from chamber

August 23, 2013

protest -- stroke -- resistanceBBC News, 8/22/2013

Protesting teachers have blocked access to Mexico’s parliament, forcing MPs to hold a debate on education reforms in a convention centre. The teachers have blocked roads around the parliament all week, and clashed with police on Monday. They are incensed by reforms that would curb union powers and ban practices such as buying and selling posts.

The Chamber of Deputies is debating how to implement the reforms, which were signed into law in February. Late on Wednesday, they overwhelmingly backed a proposal to establish a centralised body to assess teacher performance.

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Schoolboy errors in Mexico textbooks

August 22, 2013

Books by Flikr user Rodrigo GalindezThe Guardian, 8/20/2013

As Mexican children trooped back to school on Monday they had already learned one lesson: you can’t believe everything you read in your textbook. Their new government-provided books are riddled with the sort of mistakes that students are supposed to be learning to avoid: misspellings, errors of grammar and punctuation, and at least one city located in the wrong state.

The foul-up is an embarrassment for a government that is trying to overhaul Mexico’s much-criticised school system. Officials promised to give teachers a list of the errors so they can try to manually correct at least 117 mistakes. The education department acknowledged it found them only as 235m elementary textbooks were already being printed.

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Mexico’s children head back to school as scandal brews over dozens of errors in textbooks

August 20, 2013

education - pile of booksFox News, 8/19/2013

Mexican children troop back into their classrooms Monday, and they’re going to have a quick lesson: Not just school kids make mistakes. Their brand new textbooks have the kinds of errors that they are supposed to be learning not to make — words written with a “c” instead of an “s,” too many commas, not enough accents and at least one city located in the wrong state.

The foul-up is shaping up as a national embarrassment in the midst of a planned government overhaul of Mexico’s much criticized school system. Teachers are getting a sheet to try to manually correct at least 117 mistakes that the Education Department has acknowledged it found only after 235 million elementary textbooks were being printed.

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Ferrari Head of North America: Mexico Is The Next China

June 6, 2013

iStock_000008876270MediumForbes, 6/5/2013

Forget the hype about China – Mexico is the next big thing for automakers. “Mexico is the next China,” Ferrari North America CEO Marco Mattiacci said during a panel discussion today about the future of luxury. He was joined by Burgess Yachts CEO Jonathan Beckett and Gotham Jets CEO Gianpaolo De Felice for the hour-long talk, which was held aboard the $40 million yacht KATYA berthed in the Hudson River off New York’s West Side Highway.

Mattiacci said the massive growth anticipated in revenue and manufacturing didn’t necessarily pertain to Ferrari but to a broader 13-year expansion in the auto industry due mainly to dramatic wealth creation, an increased appetite for industry and from considerable investments from abroad. “We see indicators that lot of manufacturing is moving back to Mexico,” Mattiacci said. “The quality of education is absolutely outstanding, and you have a proximity with the U.S. as well. Plus there has been a change of government.”

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