Texas to draw down guard troops on border in early 2015: official

November 20, 2014

11/19/14 Reuters 

Border fence by couchlearnerTexas plans to begin winding down its deployment of state National Guard troops to the border with Mexico around March or April of next year, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst told reporters on Wednesday. State leaders on Tuesday requested $86.1 million in spending from Dec. 1 through August for the border deployment that includes up to 1,000 National Guard troops. Dewhurst said at a news conference at the capitol in Austin that while the National Guard presence is being drawn down, there would be an enhanced presence of Department of Public Safety officers along the border, the Austin American-Statesman reported. “The surge is working,” Dewhurst, a Republican, said.

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Perry Urges Mexican President to Visit Texas Border

September 18, 2014

09/17/14 The Texas Tribune

Enrique PeñaNieto 2Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday invited Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to witness for himself the operations of the National Guard patrolling the Texas side of the Rio Grande. The invitation was a response to the Mexican president telling media outlets that Perry’s decision to deploy the guard was “reprehensible.”

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Lessons From The Border: School Bells Ring For Kids Held At Immigration Detention Centers

September 17, 2014

09/15/14 Fox News Latino

In one classroom monitored by security cameras, third- and fourth-graders read in Spanish from a short story about mice. In another, an algebra teacher reminds high school students to always fully distribute both sides of an equation before solving it. On an artificial turf soccer field in the courtyard, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders are in the midst of a raucous kickball game — ignoring the high walls and surrounding 15-foot gate. For about 200 immigrant children who fled to the United States with their mothers mostly from Central America it is another school day, except that they are housed in a federal immigration prison and all the residents risk being deported.

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U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico

September 16, 2014

09/15/14 The New York Times

Border - MexicoWASHINGTON — Militants for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have traveled to Mexico and are just miles from the United States. They plan to cross over the porous border and will “imminently” launch car bomb attacks. And the threat is so real that federal law enforcement officers have been placed at a heightened state of alert, and an American military base near the border has increased its security. As the Obama administration and the American public have focused their attention on ISIS in recent weeks, conservative groups and leading Republicans have issued stark warnings like those that ISIS and other extremists from Syria are planning to enter the country illegally from Mexico.

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To better secure US border with Mexico, DHS considers significant restructuring

September 15, 2014

9/13/14 PBS News Hour

border patrolThe Department of Homeland Security is contemplating the most significant restructuring since it was created after the September 11th attacks, in order to better secure the border with Mexico. Devlin Barrett of The Wall Street Journal wrote about it on Thursday, and he join us now from Washington. [Video]

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First Wave Of National Guard Troops Arrives At Texas-Mexico Border

August 15, 2014

08/14/14 Huffington Post 

El Paso, TexasThe first wave of National Guard troops has taken up observation posts along the Texas-Mexico border.

Texas National Guard Master Sgt. Ken Walker of the Joint Counterdrug Task Force says “several dozen” soldiers deployed in the Rio Grande Valley are part of the up to 1,000 troops called up by Gov. Rick Perry last month.

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Many Mexican child migrants caught multiple times at border

August 5, 2014

08/04/14 Pew Research Center

hand over fenceWith the surge in unaccompanied children apprehended at the Southwest border, much has been written about the unusually high numbers of kids arriving from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The number of apprehensions of Mexican child migrants rivals those of the other three countries, but many of those caught are ones who tried to cross multiple times — meaning that the total number of child migrants from Mexico is lower compared with the Central American nations.

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