U.S. and Mexico Governments Indifferent to Violent Effects of Arms Trafficking to Mexico

September 25, 2014

Guns by Flickr user barjack09/24/14 Reforma: Sergio Aguayo – Translated by Mexico Voices

One reason to be discouraged is our last two governments’ indifference towards life. Hope is reborn when people use the weapons at their disposal. Fist fighting is not the same as fighting with a “goat horn” [AK-47]. Violence is so lethal in Mexico because over 15 million illegal weapons are in circulation (PGR, Attorney General, figure in 2008). Two-thirds came from the United States, where you can even buy an assault rifle online. Arms trafficking is uncontrollable because in the United States there is a real power that is just as or more powerful than the trilogy formed by Emilio Azcárraga, Germán Larrea, and Carlos Slim [telecom business owners]. The National Rifle Association (NRA) halts public policies that attempt to control gun sales. By either coincidence or impotence the White House ends up giving in to the NRA. Budgets reflect the priorities of governments. In 2012 the United States had 18,546 agents dedicated to curbing migration on the border with Mexico. That same year there were only 421 agents in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) fighting against the smuggling of weapons to Mexico. To compensate for its impotence, the ATF had a bright idea: allow guns to be smuggled into Mexico to understand what was happening. Between 2006 and 2011-years under Felipe Calderón- there were three programs, the most famous of which is Fast and Furious. The undercover operation ended badly because they did not attach the chips that would allow them to be geo-located “for budgetary reasons.” They kept going, trusting that they would identify the weapons once they were used or accounted for.

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Perry Urges Mexican President to Visit Texas Border

September 18, 2014

09/17/14 The Texas Tribune

Enrique PeñaNieto 2Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday invited Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to witness for himself the operations of the National Guard patrolling the Texas side of the Rio Grande. The invitation was a response to the Mexican president telling media outlets that Perry’s decision to deploy the guard was “reprehensible.”

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Immigrants from Michoacán seeking asylum in United States, according to El Paso shelter

September 17, 2014

09/15/14 El Paso Times

machine gunImmigrants from the Mexican state of Michoacán, who say they are fleeing drug-related murders, kidnappings, rapes and extortions, are among the latest group of people seeking asylum in the United States, according to immigrant shelter administrators in El Paso. Ruben Garcia, executive director of Annunciation House, a faith-based organization that administers temporary shelters for migrants in the El Paso region, confirmed that large numbers of Michoacános are turning up at the border.

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To better secure US border with Mexico, DHS considers significant restructuring

September 15, 2014

9/13/14 PBS News Hour

border patrolThe Department of Homeland Security is contemplating the most significant restructuring since it was created after the September 11th attacks, in order to better secure the border with Mexico. Devlin Barrett of The Wall Street Journal wrote about it on Thursday, and he join us now from Washington. [Video]

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Amid drought, Texas is fuming because Mexico isn’t sending the water it owes

September 10, 2014

09/08/14 The Washington Post

In 1945, President Harry S. Truman signed a treaty intended to bring fair play to the fight for water in the parched deserts of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Nearly 70 years later, engineer Roberto Enriquez de la Garza stood on the lip of the Amistad Dam — vultures circling overhead, grassy islands poking out of the depleted reservoir below — and explained why Mexico can’t hold up its side of the bargain.

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U.S.-Mexico border sees decline in unaccompanied child immigrants

August 8, 2014

08/07/14 CBS News

barbed wireFar fewer unaccompanied immigrant children are crossing the Texas-Mexico border, allowing the federal government to close the temporary shelters that it hurriedly opened to handle the surge, authorities say.

The Department of Homeland Security released data Thursday showing that about 5,500 unaccompanied children were arrested in July, barely half the number in May and June and the fewest children arrested in a month since February. Similarly, arrests of parents with children dropped by more than half last month, to just over 7,400.

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Mexican immigrants will move for low-skill jobs. No one else will.

August 6, 2014

08/06/14 The Washington Post

Migrant California vineyardRecessions are a big shake-up for the economy. Some places gain jobs, and other places lose them, and so people often have to move in search of opportunity. What economists Brian Cadena and Brian Kovak found is that among low-skilled workers (those with a high-school degree or less), Mexican-born immigrants are unique in that they moved quite a bit in search of jobs during the last recession. Native-born low-skilled workers, in contrast, tended to stay in one place regardless of how the local economy was doing.

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