Emergency Funds for U.S.-Mexico Border Advance in Senate

July 30, 2014

07/30/14 Bloomberg Businessweek

barbed wireThe U.S. Senate advanced legislation backed by the Obama administration that would provide $2.7 billion in emergency spending to cope with a surge of Central American children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The measure cleared a procedural hurdle by a 63-33 vote. The House plans to vote tomorrow on a $659 million measure that contains a provision sought by Republicans to speed the return of those children to their native countries. The disagreement between the chambers means Congress probably will leave for its five-week break without agreement on a plan.

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Monthly Mexico Media Roundup: Central America Migration Crisis

July 28, 2014

07/28/14  Nathaniel Parish Flannery. Forbes

immigrant mother and boyThe biggest Mexico story of July has really been a Central American story. As thousands of young migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, three countries wracked by gang violence, cross the Rio Grande River and swamp the U.S. immigration system, communities in the U.S. have had to deal with influx of young refugees. Responses have ranged from protesters holding up signs with messages such as “Send them back with birth control” to people welcoming the border crossers into temporary holding facilities in communities as far way from the border as New York and Chicago. The crisis at the border has also turned attention towards Central America and to how U.S. policies have affected these countries.

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Mayor wants Chicago to shelter young immigrants

July 28, 2014

07/26/14 Chicago Tribune

chicagoMayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration is set to aggressively expand the amount of shelter available to children apprehended at the southern U.S. border, with plans to house as many as 1,000 additional young immigrants in Chicago by the end of this year.

The mayor’s office also plans to tap the city’s legal community to build what it described as a “broad-based pro bono campaign” to counsel the city’s share of unauthorized immigrant children, a proposal hatched as federal authorities work to boost the government’s capacity to shelter and care for the unprecedented number of children arriving from Latin America.

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California governor to meet with Mexican president

July 28, 2014

07/27/14 Associated Press

shutterstock_182486318Gov. Jerry Brown travels to Mexico for three days of meetings starting Monday and will discuss immigration in separate sit-downs with President Enrique Peña Nieto and Central American diplomatic and religious leaders.

The governor’s office announced Sunday that Brown will meet privately with Nieto on Monday about topics including immigration. It comes amid a trade mission aimed at increasing direct investments in California, promoting university exchanges and forming environmental partnerships to combat climate change.

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Rate of Girls Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border Alone Outpaces Boys, Study Finds

July 25, 2014

07/25/14 The Wall Street Journal

Border - MexicoThe number of unaccompanied girls caught crossing into the U.S. at the border with Mexico has grown far more quickly this year than the number of boys, according to a Pew Research Center report released Friday.

In the first eight months of the fiscal year that started Oct. 1, the Border Patrol apprehended 13,008 unchaperoned girls from Central America, Mexico and other countries, a 77% jump over the 7,339 caught in the entire 2013 fiscal year. Significantly more boys than girls were caught at the southwest border, 33, 924 through May 31, but that figure grew just 8% in the same period.

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Obama, Mexican leader team up on border fix

July 25, 2014

07/24/14 The Hill

President Obama visits Mexico President Enrique Pena NietoPresident Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto worked to develop a strategy to address the surge of unaccompanied children from Central America entering the U.S. illegally.

Obama called Nieto Thursday, a day before he meets with leaders of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador about the ongoing border crisis.

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On Southern Border, Mexico Faces Crisis of Its Own

July 22, 2014

07/19/14 The New York Times

shutterstock_54084691For years, Mexico’s most closely watched border was its northern one, which generations of Mexican migrants have crossed seeking employment and refuge in the United States.

But the sudden surge of child migrants from Central America, many of them traveling alone, has cast scrutiny south, to the 600-mile border separating Mexico and Guatemala.

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Perry to Deploy National Guard Troops to Mexico Border

July 21, 2014

07/21/14 New York Times

borderGov. Rick Perry of Texas was expected to announce on Monday the deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops to the border with Mexico to bolster security as the Border Patrol faces an influx of Central American immigrants.

Governor Perry was scheduled to announce the move at a news conference in Austin, according to a spokeswoman for a Democratic lawmaker, State Senator Juan Hinojosa, who represents the area and who was told of the plan.

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Detentions of migrant kids at Texas-Mexico border drop, Border Patrol says

July 18, 2014

07/17/14 Dallas Morning News

immigrant mother and boyThe U.S. Border Patrol has detained fewer unaccompanied children entering South Texas illegally in the past 10 days, agency officials said Thursday.

In recent months, the Border Patrol’s facilities in South Texas have been overwhelmed by a surge in the number of children entering the country without their parents. More than 57,000 children have been arrested since October, more than double the number compared to a year earlier.

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Mexico’s Southern Border Strategy: Programa Frontera Sur

July 17, 2014

07/11/14 Christopher Wilson, Pedro Valenzuela

chiapasThe most common adjective used to describe Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala and Belize is probably ‘porous.’ The large volume of Central American migrants, including many families and unaccompanied minors, crossing the border on their way north to the United States suggests as much. The simultaneous operation of criminal groups involved in drug trafficking, human trafficking, migrant smuggling and other sinister pursuits in the region adds several layers to the challenge.

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